VolleyMaps launches!

We proudly present our first HeatMapApp for Volleyball. The Volleyball Scouting App Used by Top International and Collegiate Coaches.

VolleyMap is the first volleyball scouting app to put heatmap technology in the hands of every coach. Create visualizations of where opponents are attacking and sort by team, player, attack type and more- and view the visualizations in real time!

What used to take hours now can be displayed in seconds. This technology was developed to help win World League and World Championship titles. Now every coach can create intuitive visualizations and share them with players or staff members on any device- iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

No more guessing, just put defenders where the balls go!


A picture is worth a thousand words. Show a player a heatmap of where the opponent is attacking and they will understand where to play.

Sort opponent attacking by player and attack type, for increased detail and understand of their offensive tendencies.

Heatmaps can be created in seconds to show players during timeouts or in between games.

Combine multiple matches and apply filters to see if a player’s tendencies are changing over time.

Simply save the heatmap to your camera roll and email to share with players or coaches, insert into a scouting report, or anything else!

Volleymap includes automatic cloud storage, so your scouting will never be lost!